LatitudePT provides comprehensive rehab for:
  • Running & sports injuries
  • Deskbound injuries & postural dysfunction 

  • Localized pain such as…

    • Neck pain & headaches

    • Shoulder pain & rotator cuff injuries

    • Low back pain & disc injuries

    • Hip pain & labral tears

    • Knee, ankle & foot pain

    • and more...

Treatments & services include manual therapy, dry needling, soft tissue manipulation, Instrument-Assisted Soft-Tissue Mobilization (IASTM) (i.e. Graston, Gua Sha), myofascial trigger point release, trigger point cupping, McConnell taping, the Mulligan concept, McKenzie technique, electrical stimulation, education on pathology & pain science, post-surgical rehab, prehab, neuromuscular re-education, therapeutic exercise, strength & conditioning, and performance & wellness services.

Getting Started

*Telehealth available for those not able to attend in-person visits

Consultation | 15 min

Do you think we can help you? Schedule a free consultation to speak with a Doctor of Physical Therapy about your issue or concern. 

Initial Evaluation | 60 min

Initial evaluation includes orientation to LatitudePT, evaluation, treatment, and a home exercise program.

Follow-Up | 60 min

A follow up physical therapy visit includes brief re-evaluation, hands-on treatment if necessary, movement re-education, and an individualized home exercise program.

 9 Follow-Ups | 15% off

Credits are valid for 10 months from the purchase date.

5 Follow-Ups | 10% off

Credits are valid for 6 months from the purchase date.

METSI Care members receive an additional 10% off all services.
Can you afford PT? Can you afford to delay PT? Getting an MRI before physical therapy can cost $4,793 more than getting PT first. Don’t wait to address the problem. Consult with a practitioner who can help get you moving in the right direction today!
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