New Patients:

Texas is a Direct Access state, meaning a referral for physical therapy is NOT required to start PT, however, we are required to get one in order to continue after two weeks from your first visit (*This is a requirement of our state board and has nothing to do with insurance). After your evaluation, we can relay our findings to a qualified provider of your choice (physician, dentist, chiropractor, podiatrist, physician's assistant, or advanced nurse practitioner) to request a referral for PT. Thus, it is important to provide accurate information for your Primary Care Provider on the Intake Forms. *If you don't have a primary care provider this won't affect your ability to start PT, however, we will need to make plans to contact one soon.

Medical Professionals:

We thank you for trusting us with the well-being of your patients. Referrals for physical therapy can be faxed to (855) 574-0792, or emailed to Paubox ensures our emails are encrypted. Thank you!