What is Natural Footwear?

Natural footwear respects the foot's natural shape and does not impede its function with "support" or "technologies" that make unfounded claims about injury prevention. You may have heard other terms used to describe this type of footwear such as "barefoot", minimalist, or zero-drop. These are all part of a rapidly growing sector of the footwear market that cannot be stopped by the follies of individuals who do not yet understand how to take advantage of the adaptive abilities of the human body.


Unfortunately, we've adapted to a fast-food-office-chair-television-from-the-couch-big-bulky-shoe-existence that we know we weren't meant for. Do you wear work boots to the beach? Of course not, we want to feel free! And just like barefoot carefree youngsters playing tag in the park, we deserve to be free also. We have some work to do to reclaim strong healthy feet, but the first logical step would be to gain an understanding of what typical footwear is really doing to us.


The following e-book reviews just some of the evidence as it relates to this topic from the perspective of a physical therapist and runner. But remember: however excited you may become about reclaiming strong and able feet, you must walk before you run. This book is dedicated to the indigenous people of the world. 50% of the proceeds will be donated to indigenous groups in the Americas and Africa, as well as groups that support Black Lives Matter. 

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*Remember it is important to select shoes that are appropriate for you based upon the strength and function of your feet. Consultation with a medical professional and natural footwear advocate can help you make an informed decision based upon your specific needs.

Vivobarefoot Primus Lite

Earth Runners Circadian


Soft Star Dash RunAmoc

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